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Interview with a man who’s sold over 2 million books (audio & pdf transcript)

Thanks to this blog, which has gotten a small, but awesome, following, I scored an interview with Bill Quain, a man who has sold over 2 million books, all self-published (since the 80s.)

Here’s the link to the audio:

Here’s the PDF transcription:

Bill was nice enough to give me an interview… which we had to retake a couple times! The first time, not only was I seriously caffeinated, but we kept getting cut off. The second time, we still got cut off, with no idea why. The third time was the charm, and we yielded…

40 minutes of nonstop idea flow.
Bill is obviously the professional at staying on topic, which is loosely “How To Think About Selling Fiction Books.” In this session, we covered:

  • Why fiction writers should be natural geniuses at selling
  • Why writers might be afraid to set attainable, realistic goals
  • Why you’re selling more than just your book, and you can’t escape this fact, so you may as well use it to your advantage
  • How you can fall into endless timesinks with the latest and greatest marketing techniques, and how to avoid this
  • How Bill is very much a traditional man (when it comes to his views of romance novels!)
  • Why you want to annoy people with your marketing
  • How to re-align yourself with the emotional reasons for writing and selling books in the first place
  • Why you should be proud to ask for money

Around 20 minutes, we start talking about personal development stuff — don’t be scared off. It is relevant to selling books, and totally in line with my goals for explaining the potential reasons behind possible success or failure.

Bill is cool.
Bill is a really interesting person, too. He’s approachable, folksy, an experienced interviewee (thank goodness), and completely traditional when it comes to certain topics regarding men and women… but above all, he’s extremely practical. He’s had to be — he’s been legally blind from an eye condition since he was 14!

My transcript started out well, but it gets rushed in punctuation and sentence correction as the interview goes on. I don’t know how transcriptionists do it so quickly! This took me a long time, and I wasn’t expecting it to. So, please excuse the run-ons.

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