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Wanted for interview: Men who write under female pen names.

So, there’s been some discussion about women writers’ need for male pen names. While James Chartrand of “Men With Pens” and some m/m authors have been in the spotlight, I’m more interested in the opposite side… men who assume feminine identities (or ambiguous sounding names.)

I know they’re out there. My first writing teacher wrote lesbian erotica under an unambiguous feminine identity, and I know of at least a few men who have gotten published in traditional romance using women’s names. I’d dearly like to explore this, so if you are one, or you can recommend me to someone, please email me at:

kat@adelejournal .com

All your information will be kept strictly confidential, of course. If we should have any recorded phone interviews, they will be for my purposes only, and never released to the public for any reason without your permission.

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