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I’ve deleted all my posts about publishing because they were out of date.

I’m Katherine, a genre fiction marketer.  I’ve done children’s books, erotica, fantasy, horror, post-apocalyptic, YA… and I am particularly good at finding niche advertising, especially on (evil, admittedly) Facebook.  Nice while it lasts…

I’m an in-house marketer and not taking outside clients, but honestly, the best advice I have is to look at the resources below.

Resources I Recommend:

These aren’t affiliate links because I’ve got no time for that.

First 10K Readers

Anyone looking for a crash course in book self-marketing should try here first.  There’s lots of free stuff available, and all of it is useful, though I’m a bit skeptical of their desperate cheerleading for Amazon Ads.

Self Publishing Formula

If nothing else, listen to the free podcast.  It’s excellent and they really have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on with self-publishing.  Also a dubious champion of Amazon Ads.


Kindle-focused market research.  Worth it, even if you’re not a ‘numbers person.’  Alex stays on top of Kindle trends, and this is essential if you’re going to be a 30-Day Author (releasing every 30 days and focusing on keywords, category gaming, etc.)

Romance Premades (Covers)

Do you write anything romantic?  If so, definitely check out Romance Premades for beautiful, on-trend covers by a highly sought-after romance cover designer.  Premade covers are, in my opinion, a win-win.  You can do what you do best – write – while leaving the vital advertising for your book – the cover – in the hands of a true professional.  (And, they’re less expensive than a custom cover.)